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Nr. Sleeve Artist                    


Format Prize
N001 Ray Collins´ HOT-CLUB


N002 Ray Collins´ HOT-CLUB


 CD € 15
 N003 Ray Collins´ HOT-CLUB Lord Oh Lord LPSOLD OUT
 N004 Ray Collins´ HOT-CLUB Lord Oh Lord CD€ 15
 N005 Ray Collins´ HOT-CLUB Tohuwabohu CD € 15
 N006 Ray Collins´ HOT-CLUB Teenage Dance Party EP 7" not available
 N007 Ray Collins´ HOT-CLUB The Hot Club Is coming To Town EP 7"not available
N008 Ray Collins´ HOT-CLUB Rock´n´Roll EP 7"not available
 N009 Ray Collins´ HOT-CLUB Honk My Horn CD € 15
 N010 Ray Collins´ HOT-CLUB Shaking That Boogie LP not available
 N011 Ray Collins´ HOT-CLUB Shaking That Boogie CD € 15
 N012 Ali Gator and his real...  EP 7"  € 7
 N013 Ali Gator and the Greedy..  EP 7"  € 7
 N014 Ali Gator and his real .... Motorcycle Bound CDSOLD OUT
 N015 Ray Collins´   HOT-CLUB High Life CD

 € 15

 N016  Big Jay McNeely Life Story CD € 15
 N017 Ray Collins´   HOT-CLUB  High Life LP € 15
N18   Ray Collins´   HOT-CLUB CUTTING OUT CD € 15
 N19 Ray Collins´   HOT-CLUB CUTTING OUT  LP€ 15